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About United States
RadioTelephonics Corporation

United States RadioTelephonics Corporation is a mission-driven radio communications contracting firm specializing in DAS (distributed antenna systems)and BDA (bi-directional amplifier) commissioning, RF system interference analysis, battery backup preventive maintenance, and emergency maintenance and preventive maintenance of DAS and BDA in Washington State.

Emergency responders need reliable communications wherever they work, including inside buildings. Washington State and many other jurisdictions now regulate that buildings meet stringent wireless coverage requirements in order to provide wireless connectivity for emergency responders and fire department personnel during emergencies.


To analyze, test and maintain public safety RF/DAS/BDA systems that will allow our customers to become more efficient and productive and see higher returns on their investments.

We take pride in being flexible for the client and uniquely acknowledge each businesses needs individually.


Although the communication commissioning and maintenance business is highly competitive, we believe that there is a place for high-quality, attentive services.

Our goal is to build and market services that will meet or exceed customer expectations and stand the test of time.

Quick, 24-hour Service

RadioTelephonics can fulfill customer needs and address evolving public safety
And broadband requirements including LTE and First Net.

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